Some new pics…

From February 25, 2008

I’ve been taking a ton of pics, as I mentioned in my first post. I’ll share two of them with you tonight… if I shared more, I’d be here all night!!

I do a bit of embroidery with my diaper business, so here is a few of the thread colors. Did I mention that I have a Photoshop obsession as well?


Then, we heat our house with wood. We’ve got 2 stoves…the upstairs one in my favorite. I love the warm, cozy heat that it offers. Otherwise, we’ve got a horrible, inefficient electric heat pump. Being the hippy that I am, I’d rather use a renewable resource!


The pic of the fire is as yet unedited. I’m trying to limit myself to an hour of PhotoShop each day….gosh, that’s hard. I’ve learned so many things lately and just want to keep trying all of them!