When should I schedule a senior’s session?

High school senior photography is FUN! Many students, both male and female, come into the pre-session consult just DREADING their session. Thankfully we can almost always turn that around and make it fun, or at the very least, painless.

I’ve gotten lots of questions about WHEN to schedule the session. To a point, that’s a matter of preference. If you or your senior has a favorite season, does a lot of snowboarding, waterskiing, surfing, ice hockey or other seasonal activities, that can play into your decision. If you love fall and want lots of leaf color, obviously that will limit your outdoor session choices to a fairly short amount of time, but I’d recommend scheduling it fairly far ahead of the predicted color dates. Weather and higher demand factor into scheduling.

As a rule though, mid-summer is a great time to schedule a session for most people. It gives you time to choose outfits, locations and weather conditions. It gives your photographer time to really be creative and get the best images for you as well as take their time and do a great job with retouching. It also takes the pressure away when choosing a yearbook image, because you’ll have time to consider all your options before making a decision. It also helps make your advisor happy, because they don’t have to worry about “chasing” an image or sending extra letters that your image hasn’t been received. Really, it even gives you time to get your favorite pet involved in the session. (I’m saying that especially so that I can add the following image)

A little bit of planning ahead will make your high school senior photo experience a fun one. After all, its your last year! Make it a fun one! Take the time to be a little silly during your session, take the pressure off!