Maya – {Palmyra, PA HS Senior Model}


Maya and I first met when she was nine. Somehow, in my mind, she’s still nine…I’ve had a heck of a time reconciling the almost-adult that you’re seeing here with the funny, much younger version that’s stuck in my head. She enjoys working with alpacas on a local farm and has learned so much in a fairly short time! She and her sister also enjoy riding horses, and despite being sisters and liking some of the same things, they’ve learned to embrace some of the differences, too!

webIMG_9676 webIMG_9682

There’s a bit of debate in at least two families as to which is the favorite of these two images. Same image, but do you prefer the black and white, or the color version? I’m partial to color, even though the lighting is warm and nearly perfect.

webIMG_9682bw webIMG_9689I can’t wait to show you the next model from Palmyra, and the next fun things that both models have planned. Its been such a treat to have senior models for the past 5 years, and to see what we can come up with to keep model sessions fresh and fun.



  1. Sarah says

    The pictures are beautiful, but how can they not? Your model is beautiful, so it must have been easy. I can’t decide what one I like more either, the black and white or color!

  2. Lara says

    Great job Diane! I love the one where this beauty is wearing the jean jacket! If I were closer, I’d have you work some magic for me! Beauty!

  3. Stephanie says

    These pictures are beautiful! The big picture at the top shows off her beautiful eyes. Great job!

  4. sarah c says

    I am in love with the very first close up black and white. Absolutely stunning!

  5. Jen says

    What a gorgeous girl! It looks as though you were able to capture her very essence in the photos.