Taking [some of] the stress out of family reunions

Hiring a photographer for a family gathering is becoming increasingly popular. I asked one client about it, and she told me that it just “took the stress” out of the reunion. No one had to “play” photographer, and everyone could be in the moment, enjoying themselves. Thought that was a neat perspective!

This particular family had the neatest idea – they knew it was forecasted to be hot and humid the day of their event, and they also knew that there were a few folks who didn’t know too many others, so they made fans with things like “I married Mary’s sister,” and “I’m Mary.” Some had pictures of the celebrant with the featured person on the opposite side. It was a great day for all of them, and it was a treat to be able to be their photographer.









Whether its a family reunion, larger family birthday party, anniversary celebration or similar, I’d love to help take the stress from the event for you!