We’ve got weird critters

Chickens. What can I say? We raised them as kids, and at first, I was reluctant to have them again as an adult with kids….honestly, I can completely “blame” this one on my parents. They thought that the kids just HAD to have Easter peeps…..and then I got rather attached to having fresh eggs WITHOUT going to the nasty grocery store. Those of you who know me also know that having to go to the store is akin to major surgery. I detest loathe it with most of my being, and I chalk that up to social anxiety at its finest. For some reason…that’s the toughy for me.

ANYWAY…several years into this, we’ve now raised our own meat birds. We’ve processed our own meat birds. We raised meat birds again the following year and found a local poultry processor for “that” part. Now, we’re to the point where we can hatch a few each year, raise them, keep the pullets and process just a couple of roosters. Yep…we’re those people, thank goodness!

Our current birds are hilarious though. If for no other reasons than we’re loving fresh eggs and inexpensive entertainment, they’ve been worth it. The rest? Bonus. Before you decide to go buy a few though, read this link, PLEASE!

Somehow we discovered a dwarf breed of chicken last year, and when I went to visit the farm, a couple of adorable little Olandsk Dwarf chicks followed me home. They turned out to be roosters, and we’ve still got two, much to the chagrin of the current hen population. They sound like a squeaky toy when they crow, and thankfully, they get along well together.


Freknōttr announcing to the world….something.

Many of you know about Peabody and Penguin Peacock. Penguin was given to us as a chick, and Peabody adopted us about two years ago (that’s another story for another time). Now, Penguin is almost two years old, but has another year before he’s fully mature. He’s the size of an adult, but doesn’t quite have the train of an adult.

He and Freknōttr love to chase each other around…and Penguin gets chased by Peabody, sometimes for almost an hour at a time!


Penguin and Freknōttr preparing to chase each other around the tree.


And the ducks. I think our ducks are broken….seriously. They’ll happy play in (and DRINK??) the mud puddle, but hate when we put them in the “pond” to swim.


Our ducks are Cayugas, which are believed to be naturalized to the New York State area from European breeds. Not “native,” but fairly close.

They jump out almost right away. Weirdos. I’ve got to get video of this, because its hilarious. This is our first year having them, so we have yet to get eggs (they’re only 10 weeks old), but I hear that duck eggs are wonderful eating. Jemima Puddle Duck (hmm, maybe her name should have given us a clue), Duck Norris and Daisy Duck are pretty funny to watch though. Took them just a minute or two to figure out that there was food in the chicken coop, and that for some reason, that tasted better than theirs.


Peabody tries to scare something away, all while trying to see what I’m doing.


Peabody remains just as curious as before. He waits at the back door for his snack in the morning, and is usually just as disappointed as the humans when its something healthy.

I’m sure as the summer goes, I’ll have more stories to share. For now though…just a reminder that when the weather gets cold again, you should really bring your animals indoors. 😉

Carrying the peacocks through the house last winter, to be able to enclose them in the chicken coop.

Carrying the peacocks through the house last winter, to be able to enclose them in the chicken coop.