Session Information

Session fees for any session other than events or specials that we may offer are $150.

Included with your session fee are:

  • Pre-session consultation and chat, so that we can brainstorm your session and get to know each other. This helps both of us to be more comfortable during the session time.
  • Session times – this time will vary with the type and style of session that you’re looking for. The same is true for the number of outfits. While we ask that you keep the number of outfits and the session time reasonable, that is about the only restriction that we’ll place on you. After all, its YOUR session.
  • Image retouching – basic retouching is included, including blemish removal. Glasses glare is typically avoided, but in rare cases it has to be removed after the image is created. Glare removal and braces removal are the ONLY things that are not included, but can be done for a VERY reasonable fee.
  • In Person Viewing/Ordering Session once your images are completed. This gives us the chance to go through your images together, you get to see them on a larger screen and we can discuss various options that you may like to see.

You do not need to pay your entire session fee all at once. We realize that while your photography with DB Impressions is special, it isn’t the only thing in your budget. It is asked that you consider a $75 retainer, so that we can ensure that your session time is held for you and only you. The remainder of the session fee is due the day of your session, without exception. We can discuss payment plans to accomplish this.

As with session fees, payments for print packages will require a deposit before prints will be ordered. Beyond that, please mention that you’d like to discuss a payment plan if you wish, and we’ll set something up that works for you, holding your prints and products until final payment is made. Again, its our desire that you have the prints and products that you WANT, and we’ll do what we can to help you get there.

Don’t forget to ask about the referral credits, too, because that can help with both session fees and print credits!